PKMN Trainer May
May never showed up


Kellyn is lost and confused in some kind of forest

[ May has actually been chasing after him! The walk from Petalburg to Petalburg woods is long and boring. ]



Not all trainers have one…. Only special ones picked by the Professor of that region get one….!

[Red pulls out his very old original Pokedex, handing it out to May.]

Mine’s… Complete.

Oh! Right. Kinda forgot.

[ She hands her newer model of the Pokedex to Red, and then opens his up. Wow! So many cool Pokemon. ]


Oh…… Kanto is nice…..

Do you have a Pokedex…..? I’d love to see it if you do..

Sure do! What Trainer DOESN’T have one?

[ She pulls it out out of her pack. ]

I have almost ALL the Hoenn Pokemon, except for like, Legendarys and 30 others I can’t think of at the moment.


It sounds nice… But I don’t know what those are……


I kind of…. Was maybe thinking about capturing more Pokemon…..

I have everything from my Region….. Some from Johto….

Yeah! I think you’d totally get along with one.

Hmm, if y’ wanna become a Pokemon Master, then you need all the Pokemon, right? So you should totally do it!

Kanto, right? I was thinkin’ about going there sometime to get some Pokemon that aren’t from my region.

What Pokemon..?

Poochyena, Manectric.. Even some Lotad!

To be honest, I think you’d like Poochyena the most.

I went to Lilycove today!

Shopping there is super fun, and I see lots of cute Pokemon on the way there if I walk!




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